Kelowna Poron LE-20 Sound Absorbing 2.5m

Kelowna Poron LE-20 Sound Absorbing 2.5m
Spesifikasi :
  • The keyboard foam is lined on the inside of the bottom of the mechanical keyboard case - below the PCB board, helping to absorb sound, giving a more compact sound, and minimizing reverberation.
  • For a firmer press feeling, especially with the keyboard using a linear switch
  • Specialized young rubber material in soundproofing and anti-vibration. SPECIAL: no smell of rubber
  • Foam is lined on the bottom of the case, separating the inside of the case from the PCB.
  • You can also use it to cut PCB foam, use 3mm thick type to fit the thickness of the gap between the plate and the PCB.
  • Foam has not pre-punched the position of screws, led balls (if any), so depending on the keyboard, please take the screwdriver head to self-punch according to your keyboard.
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