Rexus Legionare MX5.2 Black Grey

Rexus Legionare MX5.2 Black Grey
Features :
  • Four Variants of Keycapsm, The trend of keyboard modifications inspired the existence of keycap modes with different colors in one keyboard. The Rexus Legionare MX5.2 keyboard offers four keycap model variants, namely: Ocean Blue, Smokey Blue, Snowy Black, and Strato Black.
  • 87 Key Keyboard, with a compact design, The Rexus Legionare MX5.2 has 87 buttons. With this compact design and size, this keyboard is practical for use in a variety of activities and games.
  • 3 Switch Type Options, Rexus Legionare MX5.2 is available in 3 switch options based on the color, namely Red Switch, Blue Switch, and Brown Switch. You just have to adjust to your taste and style of play.
  • 9 LED Modes, Rexus Legionare MX5.2 uses LED rainbow which has 9 lighting modes. You can change the light mode by pressing the "Fn + Insert" key.
  • Keycaps Double-shot Injection Technology, Rexus Legionare MX5.2 keyboard keycaps adopt double-shot injection technology. This technology is a two-layer molding technology of plastic keycaps material so that the letters on the key heads will not fade.(Chemicy Gaming)
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